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How to Install Chameleon Boot Loader v2

// July 21st, 2011 // 6 Comments » // Hackintosh/Osx86, OS X

Chameleon is THE boot loader when it comes to Hackintosh. What’s really nice about it is that it supports loading custom kext for OS X and supports for custom theme (it’s a boot loader with nice icons). It can also boot Linux, BSD and Windows partition.

Hackintosh/Osx86: How to Tell If QE/CI (Quartz Extreme and Core Image) Are Active

// July 1st, 2011 // 2 Comments » // Hackintosh/Osx86, OS X

With OS X there is no direct information that can tells whether its running on accelerated graphics or not. That makes people like me who are running Hackintosh wondering whether the graphic card hardware and driver are functioning properly or not.