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Asus MidValley Megamall Bad Service

Asus Mid Valley Megamall Bad Service

// October 14th, 2011 // Posted in Hardwares // Tagged as

Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101

When I got my Asus Transformer from the store during the first 2 weeks the USB port in my charger went loosy and finally broken.

As you can see from the image the charger consist of two parts, the body and the legs that goes to a wall socket. I took it to the store which is an Asus Official Store (on their facebook page they says Asus Malaysia). A guy in there says that they only provide support for software and for hardware I have to go to their service center in Imbi area.

Asus Transformer Charger kitAsus Transformer Charger kit

So I bought the device from that store and they says that they don’t even provide support? the same store that offered me “extended 1 year local warranty for just another 100 RM”? Which is a common warranty bullshit that any gadget store in here will pull I guess.

Although it’s their responsibility to take the broken charger to the service center I still ask the guy nicely to take it to the service center since they only open during weekdays and I got work to do and my workplace is at out-of-town of this service center. He agreed and made me a receipt which says that I left the charger with them. While at it I asked them if they can lend me a charger or else I can’t use my tablet. He found a broken charger that still charges if I hold it tight and don’t move the cable a lot. I took it out of desperation.

One week later the guy called and says that the charger is not part of the warranty and is considered as an accessories and I have to pay 50 RM for a brand new one which he considered as a “favor” because he says normally brand new is 100-ish RM. I was like WTF? but okay might as well pay for it because I need the charger. But since when I have to pay for some thing that is broke within 2 weeks only after the purchase?!

Asus Transformer Charger kit - USB BodyAsus Transformer Charger kit – USB Body

I came to the place and the guy gave me this part only …..

…. He insist that he gave back to me the 3 legged part and took only the body because that’s the part that is broken. To make it even more stupid the receipt that he made says only “charger” and doesn’t help at all.

So he asked me to pay for something that should still be in warranty, he lost my stuff, and yet he lied to me by insisting that he gave that part to me? Is this the kind of quality service that Asus Mid Valley provides? At the end I paid 50 RM for the brand new charger body and he gave me a used and ugly 3 legged as a replacement. I had enough with Asus Malaysia especially with the one in Mid Valley.

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