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About Me - Pietra Arumaga

About Me

This blog is mostly about my technical journals on anything that is related with computer graphics, programming, pipeline, python, c/c++, perl, protocol buffer, php, photography, etc. Stuff that are related with my professional works or hobbies of mine. It just happen that most of the stuff starts with the letter “p” and therefore the name pHacks. or “p” could just stands for “Pietra”.

For my personal blog that is more casual and has daily rant on life, you could visit pietra.arumaga.com. In there “p” could stands for “Phase Shift Armor”, “Photon Torpedoes”, “Pi and The Universe”, “Philosophy” or just “Pietra”.

So here goes the introduction:

Hi, I’m Pietra. Sometimes my buddies and colleagues call me “Pitra” or “Piet” or “Pete” or just “P”. Which ever is fine with me and I like them all :).

I work as a Pipeline TD for a visual effects studio in Malaysia. My job deals with supporting & streamlining production pipeline in the studio. That means most of the time I do tools programming/development, production support and sometimes system works as well.

I have been working in the film & visual effects industry in the South East Asia for several years and been moving around between Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. I always look forward to new technologies and new challenges.

I surely hope to stay for a very long time in this industry and see how it grows & flourished in here in South East Asia.

That’s all to the introduction I guess. Hope you find useful information on this website.